March 8, 2011

Wanna be gifted or work hard for it?

The hottest topic of the town at any given point in a year is CRICKET and everyone is an expert at making a SWOT analysis of players --- I thought for a moment and decided not to let go off the tempting offer to be ‘one-amongst-those-so-called-experts’

We were discussing the most argued Q of – ‘Who’s a better batsman, in India?’. That is the NOT the question you ought to be asking any cricket frenzy public in India, for the deafening voice would answer it as ‘Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar’.

I always wondered why people are hell bent on comparing any batsman in India or around the world with Sachin. He’s the most gifted batsman that god could ever forge; he is a limited edition with just one copy made. Period. (trying to copy the style of some bloggers!!). Yes, gifted he is with perfectly still head while caressing a cover drive, absolute sense of timing, slick wrists to flick the ball from middle & off to fine leg, ability to pick the line & length of delivery in fraction of second and what not. These features have been hardwired into his mind, he could play the cover drive/ the straight drive/ leg glance even in his slumber.

Sachin is seen as the role model for youngsters, but I guess people shouldn’t be trying to ape him for they never can do so. Everyone ought to learn the aspects of dedication, discipline, work ethics and most important humility—having your feet on ground even after attaining dizzy heights. Youngsters should stop here, to learn anything more from Sachin would be like playing god!!! I definitely don’t think any cricketing coach worth his salt would want his pupils to emulate Sachin, unless ofcourse the kid’s been wired with the same programming as Sachin or simply said God made an extension to the limited edition copy!!!!

This is where I would want to bat for players like Dravid, straight forward truth- he is not a gifted player. He is what he is he because of the hard work he has put in to learn the game; he is a willing leaner and puts his heart and soul into understanding the game. He put in innumerable hours in the nets correcting his flaws, perfecting his technique and kept track with the changing rules of engagement. He has imbibed the coaching manual and ‘that’ is hardwired into his mind, not by god but by his own efforts.

One may not/ cannot coach or learn to become a Sachin but Dravid you can become. I always felt people have the habit of eyeing things that are easy to obtain- like Sachin’s batting prowess all u need is god’s gift and ofcourse his unflinching dedication. On the other hand, many would not like to sweat it out and put in mountain loads of hard work to attain the heights in life as Dravid did in his pursuit of cricket.

Lets choose the path we want to take.


uday kishan said...

anna srikanth...article iragadeesindi...

Srikanth KV said...

thanx uday... em pani leka idi rasenu :)

rajesh said...

good one ra kris.... keep going