March 8, 2011


Being an ardent fan of sport, be it any I often follow many of them ranging from cricket, tennis, football, F1 etc, ofcourse I do sometimes watch basketball but hate it for the fact that the basket is placed way too high – I ‘will’ be needing a ladder to dunk the ball !!! … very bad game it is :)

I always saw the refree/ umpire being lambasted for any minor difference in judgement, the best example being cricket. Of late, the sport has been trying to imbibe the technology into regular useage. The umpires are under the lens every moment, they face immense pressure already from the players on field now add to that the ‘giant screens’ that display the replays over and over again in any dubious case. One mistake and the spectators, the commentators n everyone involved in the sport jump onto them, but do the IDIOTS forget that “we” have the advantage of technology- the ultra slow motion replays, the hot spots, the snickometers n even hawkeye. The umpire makes the call in real time—a split second infact.

I definitely agree that they are paid to do the job, the job to make decisions for others, the decisions that have an effect on the outcome of an event. But no one’s perfect and people do make mistakes. Just translate them into real life situations--- assume that you are entrusted to make a decision for others like a selecting a course, advicing on a career, counseling some on their life or even the simplest of tasks like picking a piece of clothing etc. How would one feel if they come back and state that their life had been screwed because you made a wrong suggestion? Someone keeps cursing u for one small piece of advice that went wrong or someone makes u know that ur choice of clothing wasn’t good!!!

We are all good at making decision for our own lives and do not crib at it, because we can’t blame anyone on how our lives pan out n neither can we pay someone to do the decision making on our behalf. But we never miss out on an opportunity to make a scapegoat out of someone just because they were kind enough to use their precious time in suggesting something to us. Lets understand the simple fact that, no matter how good we know the other person, their tastes and preferences we ‘can’not always make the perfect judgement everytime.

Next time you try to blame someone understand that they too are human and are bound to pass an advise they think is in concurrence with the situation at hand and don’t have the foresight to predict the future.

On a finishing note, I wouldn’t mind the on-field umpire making a mistake but will love to nail the @$*@#&@ like the 3rd Umpire, who makes the mistake even after going through all the evidence aforementioned. So, all the 3rd umpires out there, be careful I will not spare you guys!!!


rajesh said...

champesthava enti ra mana 3rd umpires ni.... :P

Srikanth KV said...

haha ante mari... ani telisi tappudu decision iste ante...khallaas!! :)