February 18, 2011

Personal Touch

Remember the good old times in school when we as kids used to remember the b’days of our buddies though the greed for chocs in some cases can’t be ruled out!!! We made it a point to wish them ‘in person’ or if it was a cousin / relation there was a greeting card that went out, with wishes ‘written’ in our own handwriting or a phone call ….. these might be relatively insignificant aspects, but are definitely those which made the other person feel so very special and filled them with joy

There isn’t any replacement whatsoever form be it, for…for…for…not finding a better word- a personal touch. Now are the times of conveying anything and everything through the electronic media (read social networking site)/ the most obediently used ‘bulk sms’ format…. I sometimes wonder if the occasions have lost their sheen or the zone to break the news has moved on to a completely different planet.

Personally, I would like to let my near and dear know the good news/ whtever it may be, directly from me- breaking the news that I have got a promotion/ a simple wish by calling them on b’day or anniversary and so on. I definitely wouldn’t want them to know it through a ‘news feed’, I hate to to do so and even send bulk sms/ fwd wishes.

Just think would u want to reply to the msg “Wish u a very happy new year” or “Hey Paul, wish u a very happy new year”.. the later indicates that the other person really wants to convey the msg to u!!

A few days back, had a tiff with one of my cousins who wanted the world to know the news through social media and I disagreed- to the extent that I shut them off for the time being!! I insist on this approach for it gives us an opportunity to share our joys and infact make them part of our lives and be part of theirs too.

The occasions of festivals/ b’day/ anniversaries/ event of getting jobs etc are just a ‘mere reason’ to get in touch with your loved one….. yes you read it right- ‘a reason’, if you really need one, to let them know that we intend to make them part of our life….

So guys, just think before you email wishes to big list of friends/ post something on ur FB/ send bulk sms…. Is this the way you want to inform your near n dear ones??