January 30, 2010

My journey

The day had come…. My armory was fully geared & packed …I was prepared to hop on to opportunity to test my survival skills … well I wasn’t going to a battle but was travelling to a new place…a new country for the first time :) …. The day was a Saturday but I had my flight not until the early hours of Sunday ….

This would be the regular first up story of thousands n thousands of students, professionals, commoners n others who travel abroad to pursue their dreams/ objectives and make it BIIIIIIG in their life or joining with their loved ones as in the case of a FEW people….well then add my piece of feelings and u have a small portion of that biiig pie……….

I was the entire bit excited not for the fact that I was going abroad but for the way in which I could mould my career with this opportunity….. as would have been the case with many, I began to DAY DREAM J… of how I was going to make things happen, how I was going to prosper n blah blah blaah ….

When I was told abt this opportunity sometime back, I was thrilled n my god soo happy that I never was earlier…I had to do a lot of shopping for my essentials and that I did with panache and soon found that I was feeling a pinch (quite a heavy one) on my wallet….but nevertheless I carried on n on n on….until that pinch became NUMB!!!!!

As th D-Day started approaching I was feeling somewhat tensed, a feeling that I would not to seeing, interacting n ofcourse missing “some people”, who meant a lot to me…. What the hell!!! I wasn’t going away for eternity but just for 3 months…3 bloody months…. Phew never realized that 3 months was such a looong period. I was terrified to even think of the possibility that I might lose someone because I wouldn’t be around for that period …….hahaha, as if it mattered even if I hung around….. :(

Was I becoming a bit too senti??? Well, I did make a few goodbye calls (Idiotic ones J)…. N then finally the D-day arrived, and off I flew to this new place here…… I wanted to be in touch with my parents n others throughout the journey so that I could update them on my travel n yeah to keep myself off being bored….. but thanks to Vodafone (those ******** never activated my international roaming) n the tiresome Dubai Airport (so long was the way to my terminal, I felt I was doing a marathon) that I simply dozed off…

By the time I woke up.. the captain was announcing some bad weather update n we were circling over … and all I could see below was a thick white blanket with black lines criss crossing (later I learnt that those lines were also called ROADS)…finally we landed n was told that the outside temp was -8 deg !!! (a week earlier it was -15 or odd)…I zoomed through immigration, baggage pick n others…. N now I had another 2 hrs ride by train to my one stop before destination….

When I stepped into the railway station that was when the true WINTER here hit me…. it hit me so hard I became numb, I was covered in multiple layers of clothing and still the CHILL found a way to my bones… L…. The final nail into the coffin (my sorry state) was driven when the train came n it was jam packed….I found one compartment into which I threw my baggage n myself and stood all through the 2 hrs ride….I was soooooo very tired I wanted to hit the bed n have a nice cozy n warm sleep…..damn the cold, it was as cold as the people’s stare around me was, may be much worse than that…..

Took a cab from the one stop before my final destination and reached MY DESTINATION…. A nice hotel where the room heater took an eternity to heat up the room, wherein the showers temp control was broken n I had either the HOTTEST water or coldest water!!!!

I took a small nap n by the time I woke up (I slept for 4 hrs..Very little time!!), I was again feeling sleepy, internal body clock ka kabada ban gaya tha…..so dozed off again for a long time……..So that brings to an end of my ordeal (I’ll try better, if I wasn’t able to depict properly the trouble I took)…. TO be frank it shouldn’t be an ordeal, as it was just a 12 hrs flight, the same as the BUS/ TRAIN journey from Hyd-Vizag…. N I never felt the strain for the bus ride, does it mean I am saying that a Bus ride is better than a flight!!! May be I am…May be I am not!!!! J