May 6, 2011

Thank you for calling!!

Over the last weekend there was hot news in the industry, regarding a Top honcho from Banking sector moving into the Commander-in-Chief role for a company in the IT industry. It was hailed as the best that could have happened, for he had the qualities of an inspirational. He had revolutionized the way automation could be made & technology applied to make the Bank one of the best.

Now, the grapevine has been abuzz with wicked rumours that similar ideas could be implemented even in this company, which is already supposed to be a torch bearer for technology. The grapevine fears that the overhaul of the company may start with the most basic level--- the board numbers. Don’t be surprised if you hear the following conversation when you reach the board number—

“Call karne keliye dhanyawad….

IT services ke liye '1' dabaye

Engg services keliye '2' dabaye

Consulting services keliye '3' dabaye

Arre yeh poochna hi bhool gaye (similar to missing a particular test on a program)

Agar aap naye customer ho tho ‘1’ dabaye…. …aap hamare naye customer ho…. Badhayi ho!!

Aarre aapne kuch bhi nahi dabaya, iska matlab aap existing customer ho.. tho krupaya apna gala dabaye!! J

Aap abhi bhi line pe ho!! Aapko batade ki humare saare PLs abhi vyast hai… haa bhai, woh PLs bhi jinhone aapke project pe kaam kiya!!

Aapke project results mein kuch gadbad ho tho no problem… aapke contract mein clause hai, jiski badaulat XXXXX bank insurance cover provide karega aur aapko financial asuvidha nahi hogi !!

Insurance cover ka clause aapne hatwa diya contract se!!! ab tho bhaaad mein gaya tere paise…

Hum kuch nahi kar sakte….Thank you for calling!!!