August 20, 2010

Perfection….. Discipline

These two words ‘are’ sufficient to describe this country. These guys thrive on living by & perhaps even dying by these two, quite simple words …which in actual are quite difficult to be adhered to, under varying circumstances and possibly at various stages of one’s life

In manufacturing space or as is the latest trend in s/w industry too, people take pride in 6-sigma (highest standard of quality- 1 error in 1 million cycle) being implemented at the work places. There are teams entrusted with the job to actually ensure that it is followed. Now, for a change think about having such a process being implemented across not one or two locations of a company but across towns, cities, metros …actually the whole country. For such a thing to happen one can imagine the indefinite numbers of check points and SWAT sort of teams required to ensure this ‘process’ is adhered to……

But, surprisingly no such mechanism exists in this place, and still my dear friends this country has managed to pull out amazing results in 6-sigma scores—scores that might put quite a few global giants (in manufacturing space) to shame. The desire to follow a process should come from within an individual and the guys over here follow them like a ritual- being it as simple as crossing road, stopping at red light to designing their own life, prioritizing tasks at hand and still finding time to take time to do their fav past time. If asked how they do it, they might come up with the

“ofcourse I don’t look busy, ‘coz I did it right the first time”

Just imagine if this small country is able to top the charts with such a small set of ppl (population), what a country of 1 billion like minded people can do, by following the two simple words. Imagine what good use the man power could be put to if ‘citizens’ could KISS (keep it sweet & simple) things… but we always find ways to blame it on someone else.

I guess the nature too has got used to this discipline and hence one can find seasons starting and ending like clockwork each year. On a lighter sense, with more of ‘us’ coming here, the seasons too have gone for a toss…perhaps they are taking a break by following ‘our’ ways …. J

August 19, 2010

Ph.D is nothing but... a dent u make!!!

I was as usual doing nothing during the most fruitful time of the day—the sweet gap between munching lunch and about to fall asleep!!! Ultimately landed this particular page of Matt Might who is an Asst. Professor at University of Utah…….

He defines Ph.D in simple pictures all but conveying a tremendous message to the fresh batch of Ph.D students…… wish someone could have told me so, I might have been in a different line altogether !!!

This is what he’s been explaining to the students… message