April 23, 2012

CRASH COURSE: The Art Of Speaking!!!

 “It takes 2years to learn to speak, but it takes a lifetime to learn what not to speak”. Speaking so to speak is an art in itself. A very few of the lot is blessed with this facet and often they are referred to as ‘Quick-witted’ or ‘Articulated’ or ‘Thoughtful’ and few other words of which I might not be aware of. In some cases those who don’t know what to speak and keep mum are type-casted into “The Thoughtful” category. We should be able to identify them quickly, so that we need not wait an eternity for their ‘pearls of wisdom’. For those lacking this glib of ‘thoughtful speaking’, we ought to seek the expertise of the Zen masters!!

Yours faithfully (that would be me) here has had some opportunity to seek the expert guidance or speaking in layman terms learnt it the hard way from ahem ahem, and it was pretty effective, it shook the very basic foundation which I was following religiouly. So, speaking of speaking, yours faithfully learnt that how to speak and what to speak do matter a lot, ofcourse it includes the choice of words too!!

It had been deciphered from ‘THE’ learning that the audience could be classified broadly into- People-who-matter and People-who-don’t-matter. For those who don’t matter we can fire on all cylinders, meaning you could shoot what’s on the tip of your tongue without thinking. In the stream of people-who-matter that can be further classified into Professional (incl. education) & Personal (Family & Friends), it’s a sticky issue. In the earlier case one false ‘sentence’ might jeopardise your career while in the later, your personal bond is affected.

So, yours truly (psst..got promoted from faithfully after the learning) who got rapped royally has formulated ‘A’ procedure to ensure that People-Who-Matter are addressed properly or so to speak spoken to correctly.

For those with serious outlook:

P.S: All the info has been furnished after obtaining all the necessary clearances from the ‘concerned’ authorities. :)
BTW all that has been said need not be completely applicable to a few, many or all cases...in which case the failed outcome of implementing the said process rests purely with the 'user' and rest assured the author has had a good laugh imagining it!!!