September 12, 2010

F1 car in the streets !!

I had always been amazed at the engineering marvel of the Formula 1 cars….. always wondered if any part of the development carried out in F1 would be transferred onto the commercial road vehicles. Many of the auto manufacturers on the F1 grid like Maranello Ferraris, Woking McLarens, sometimes Enstones Renault and very few times Toyota have managed to translate the on-track developments to on-road vehicles.

The Maranello has quite always been ahead of the pack… and the latest 2010 Ferrari 599XX very nearly puts a F1 car in the streets….just to get your attention, some facts-

· Number of cars to be made - 29

· Comparitive speed - bloody 10 sec faster than Ferrari Enzo

· Engine - V12 producing 720bhp@ 9000rpm

· Speed achievement - 100kmph in 2.9 sec

The icing on the cake…. It costs just a fortune of $1.8mn

For more inputs see this article

Or you can get better info right from the creators at their homepage for FERRARI 599XX