April 23, 2012

CRASH COURSE: The Art Of Speaking!!!

 “It takes 2years to learn to speak, but it takes a lifetime to learn what not to speak”. Speaking so to speak is an art in itself. A very few of the lot is blessed with this facet and often they are referred to as ‘Quick-witted’ or ‘Articulated’ or ‘Thoughtful’ and few other words of which I might not be aware of. In some cases those who don’t know what to speak and keep mum are type-casted into “The Thoughtful” category. We should be able to identify them quickly, so that we need not wait an eternity for their ‘pearls of wisdom’. For those lacking this glib of ‘thoughtful speaking’, we ought to seek the expertise of the Zen masters!!

Yours faithfully (that would be me) here has had some opportunity to seek the expert guidance or speaking in layman terms learnt it the hard way from ahem ahem, and it was pretty effective, it shook the very basic foundation which I was following religiouly. So, speaking of speaking, yours faithfully learnt that how to speak and what to speak do matter a lot, ofcourse it includes the choice of words too!!

It had been deciphered from ‘THE’ learning that the audience could be classified broadly into- People-who-matter and People-who-don’t-matter. For those who don’t matter we can fire on all cylinders, meaning you could shoot what’s on the tip of your tongue without thinking. In the stream of people-who-matter that can be further classified into Professional (incl. education) & Personal (Family & Friends), it’s a sticky issue. In the earlier case one false ‘sentence’ might jeopardise your career while in the later, your personal bond is affected.

So, yours truly (psst..got promoted from faithfully after the learning) who got rapped royally has formulated ‘A’ procedure to ensure that People-Who-Matter are addressed properly or so to speak spoken to correctly.

For those with serious outlook:

P.S: All the info has been furnished after obtaining all the necessary clearances from the ‘concerned’ authorities. :)
BTW all that has been said need not be completely applicable to a few, many or all cases...in which case the failed outcome of implementing the said process rests purely with the 'user' and rest assured the author has had a good laugh imagining it!!!

January 10, 2012

Why move away from home?

Just happened to read abt a friend of mine admit crying (not literally), as to why we need to separate/ move away from our parents once we reach an age, actually he came to India for his yearly vacation and was returning. My guess work on what all could be the reasons ended pretty soon, but admittedly couldn't think beyond these- studies, career, marriage and worst of all not getting along with your parents; which in any case would rule out 'us' crying over moving away from them.

Taking the case of studies, it has been the same since ages. From the age old 'gurukulas' to modern age universities, students had to and have to move there to obtain the higher education. Few of the lucky lot have the desired centre for learning at their native but for the majority it requires moving away from the comforts of their homes. What does it offer to us?? Well, new learning & experiences, introduces us to the life around, gives us a sense of being independent and moulds a bit of our personality if it didn't take shape yet and ofcourse new friends! If one chooses to pursue courses available in their hometown they wouldn't need to move away. But they differ and choose their aspirations.

Now about careers; with the ever increasing competition, the job availability has become scarce forcing 'us' to look for opportunities, not to mention the unbalanced economies which restricted the growth to a few cities and towns. And thus in many cases they existed in places not so close to home. So, we find a reason to move away. What does it offer to us?? With the earning power vested with you, you get a chance to live life your way (not that u can't, staying with ur parents), test the boundaries of acceptable lifestyle, mould your future and explore new avenues. If one had chosen to pursue a career in the industries/ fields available in their hometown they wouldn't need to move away. And again, those who differ choose their aspirations.

Finally the most deciding factor of all -- marriage. This usually doesn't affect guys as much as it turns the whole world on its head for girls. Guys do not and are not necessarily needed to worry too much about shifting base, "JUST" because of the age old tradition of ladies having to follow in the footsteps of their pati dev. On the flipside, gals are expected to leave behind everything they have yearned for the whole lifetime 'chutki mein'. What does it offer to us?? The prospect (or suspect) of finding your life partner, defining your life from then on, making your own family and if I can put it so (challenge of) creating a perfect life for someone else. It’s here that people have not many options unless they are quite lucky or have the strength to take a firm decision to wait for the perfect one as a dear friend of mine is doing.

From my perspective, whatever may be the reason in the end it’s the individuals’ aspiration and choices are the one’s that decide their course in life. If you have any Q’s---------- feel free to keep them to yourselves, I will not be able to answer any, in any case.