May 10, 2010

Pleasure to watch “the king”…Schumi

Another round of F1 passes by, though BORE-Celona GP lived up to its expectations (virtually no over taking made by the TOP players), it did produce quite a few moments to treasure. In short, the whole GP can be described as- an untouchable Webber, unlucky & lucky fellow Vettel, Hamilton- whose fortune conspired against him, lottery winner- Alonso (drove a perfect race, not just luck) and the stunning return to form of “the king”- Schumi.

The rule of pole sitter takes the win at this GP proved true, the Red Bulls ran away from the pack as the lights went green. The first 6 positions didn’t change not until Lap 16 when the King pitted. It was Lap 17 and the place was turn ‘1’. Button had a slightly bad pit stop and he came to join the track, schumi whizzed past him- from the outside!!! N forced Button to take a defensive line!! The wily old cunning fox, was at his prime in that moment- ruthless, precise and pure n pure gut feel drive (the old schumi).

Little before this at the same corner, relative newbie’s in the form of Hamilton & Vettel fought for track positions but only this time the guy on the inside (Hamilton) was able to force Vettel off the track. I dreamt about what could have had happened had Schumi been in place of Vettel!!!

From Lap 17 to until the end of race, Schumi showed his class and kept Button behind him. The aspect to watch was the way in which he would defend his position given he had a relatively slower car going into straight line speeds. Loong before the cornering, he would run off the racing line forcing Button to opt for the inside and as corner approaches, he would cover the whole of inside in one swishing move… mind u a driver is allowed to defend his position through one move alone by swaying into the path of his pursuiter!! He did that until Button’s tyres wore off, his car’s downforce took a beating and then Button was forced to look after his tyresfo rest of the race.

One special mention for Alonso, for his relentless pursuit of the TOP 3 in front of him, even though Ferrari’s lacked the pace and boy-o-boy Vettel, for driving the last 17 laps without BRAKES!!!! This GP managed to catch some attention even without the special effects of earlier races (RAIN!!!)

Looking forward to the next race….the street race of MONACO!!!!