March 29, 2011

F1 season beginnnsss…

The brand new season of F1 has begun after a 2 week delay (Bahrain GP non-starter owning to political instability). There were lots of changes asked from the teams – adapt to new tyre makers Pirelli, no f-ducts, a big yes to KERS and the new DRS apart from few other technicalities.

As was shown in pre-season testing the Red Bull was the quickest car, faster than the next speeding car by nearly 0.8sec. You really can’t beat that. The DRS was meant to provide opportunities for overtaking and it did produce those, but not in the desired scale. The top teams to finish had one commonality, while one driver was faster the other suffered. Vettel, Hamilton, Petrov, Alonso came through while their team mates Webber, Button, Massa, Heidfeld couldn’t replicate the same.

In short—Vettel & Red Bull are untouchable, McLaren are the closest, Renault the surprise package, Ferrari needs loads of improvement, Force India lucky to get points, Sauber needs luck, Mercedes needs luck & improvement and Williams needs to make Rubens understand the need to stay calm afterall he needs to be taugh, he’s raced in just 300+ of them.

For the Malaysian GP-- all teams watch out for RED BULL, they won the season opener without using the KERS !!! Just imagine what they could do, if they use that !!

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