February 5, 2010

First day in “A New place"

After a brief battle with the shower in hotel (which it won hands down, by rationing my HOT water supply) and a long drawn out war with the room heater (eventually WON by IT again) …. I geared up to begin my first day … at A NEW PLACE!!!

So what better way to begin a new day, than a good n ahem ahem HEAVY proper breakfast…. Here I go into the room expecting to find
garama garam idly (deadly), pesarettu (aaha) or better even Masala Dosa (dis is too much)…. Uparwala bola, “tu kuch zyada hi expect kar raha hai bey !!! ahahaha… ye le” n he gave me bread :( , not one but 6-7 varieties of it…. Bhagwaan kya karu isse??? Back home, bread was n I suppose is still considered to be the STAPLE food of …. The people falling sick!!!! N tht’s what I had to have…. On top of it I chose a certain variety (I picked it up based on the fact that I liked its colour, dimensions & it ‘appeared’ good:D) and it tastessss…. YUKKKKKKK!!!!!!! Then I realized “Beta, dikhao pe mat jaa” ……

(Psst: I was xpecting the best out of a NON ASIAN hotel)

After the exciting morning adventure (well there were more in store for me), I arrived at my office {maan, straight to work!!! :( }… got an blitzkrieg of introductions and managed to remember quite a few faces
(I do have an affinity for pretty faces n remember them well, just as others of my side of the species do …but where there any at my work place… naah- just one or two !!!) n perhaps some names, I wanted to get home immediately and do a quick ‘Match the following’ :D, least I forget anyone ……. I was shown my workplace and there I found the most beautiful thing ever, something which I wished was all along with me through all times n all journeys, something that ensures u r not too far away for your dear ones…… guys!!! Don’t strain urselves, I was talking about the phone :) and I curse those stupid Vodafone guys again….

I immediately got to work….. heheheeh of making calls to home and faced the barrage of questions which I used to hear on TV or during calls with my cousins abroad and schmuck at…. What’s the time over there?? Hows the outside temperature?? Breakfasy khaya? Kya khaya??? Etc etc…. I surprised myself and answered all those questions with loads of patience……

Morning session was like….shuru hote hi khatam ho gaya!!! Wish it happens always :D …… internal body clock was still UPDATING itself to new specifications; n in due process alerted my tummy at the wrong time with the wrong message… I mean whn it was supposed to have a proper lunch it wanted to finish off with just a snack (as done back home)….. But me being stubborn (am I???) tried to shove in some nutrition into it….ahha but for that to happen I had to take a 5 min stroll in the wonderful environs outside (it was just -8 deg) and I had to get ready all over again (the sweater, jerkin, muffler, skull cap, gloves)… now I had to eat something…I really meant SOMETHING, damn I didn’t knew even one item on the menu. Luckily my colleague ordered something edible n in normal language was supposed to taste good too but………
it was like half boiled …yeeeksss…..

Back home, I used to make fun of guys eating out at SUBWAY or having some salads (filled with sprouts & green leafy veggies) … I used to say abhey yeh
GHAAAS POOS kyo khaate ho… eat something cooked properly…. Guys!!! My sincerely apologies to you, wht I call GHAAS POOS is like a common item here on every menu n probably the only thing that I can trust and eat with my eyes closed!!!!

And I was done for the day …somehow!! Don’t bother asking me how… it happened…. I had to reach my apartment which was a new place, and I had to call a TAXI… the person at the other end knew NO ENGLISH and definitely cudn’t understand what I spoke & proudly called HIS language!!! But I managed to make him understand the name n location of my place (again don’t ask how, it just happened beta)… I reached wht I can call as, ‘MY PLACE’ for the duration of my stay here…..

N owww oww oww…how did I forget this/ rather how could I?? Back home, we used to talk about the weather for say hardly 5 mins in a day… maan it was hot yesterday!! ….Dude I got drentched in rain!! Its chilly out there !!! ….. n IF someone was actually talking about weather at length like…
“When I was in USA…” ahem ahem hope u guys got the hint as to whom I am referring to …. We used to make mockery of them……. N here AT MY NEW PLACE, it was the hottest topic … ALL DAY ALONG, people discussed n discussed it at lengths….

In total culmination…. It was a great day to begin with, got to meet new people, new work culture, new environs etc etc….. Hope to set the things straight and get set with my daily activities….

Anyways….tht’s it from me for now….. the day didn’t end yet, but the rest of the evening is altogether a different experience and deserves a separate posting for itself… :)


Anonymous said...

Good funny post.. liked ur style of writing in this post


sasya said...

ur blog makes me smile,i love it....seriously :)
good job :)

Srikanth KV said...

Thank you Prati & Sassi... a few more such comments cud keep me going :)