December 23, 2009


Off late I have become an ardent follower of DILBERT!!! This guy has got the immaculate ability to strike chord with the daily routine of a regular employee…. Of course the one in the s/w or services industry in particular :)… n yeah the comic strip does depict some of weird kind of bosses one can come across …..

Wouldn't you luv to be in a situation wherein for a change, the BOSS is at the receiving end?? We could imagine such a thing with our eyes wide open.... one such situation is depicted below (awesome Dilbert!!)

In a few instances, we feel tht THE HEADS knw nothing of wht they actually need!!! They would tell you to do something and irk you by asking y the heck did u do so!!!!!!! Well I am so very glad that Mr.Dilbert the smartass has dealt with all those kinda guys.....

Hmmm....jsut felt that some of the guys out there might see themselves in DILbERT's shoes and have a laugh at wht cud have been said.....or rather TRY IMPERSONATING the same in real life !!!!

A statuatory warning from my end: DON’T DO SO!!! Unless u have an alternative in ur hand!!! :)

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