February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine.. to a friend???

I was just thinking about all these years when I never wished you on the 14th of Feb.... ofcourse today is supposedly Valentine's day or rather perceived to be just for couples! Today morning when "MY" friend wished me & my wife on this day, I got reminded of a friendly advice from again MY friend... grow up.. be mature.. act your age!!

On thinking just a little beyond the obvious reason for celebrating today, one would realise that Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love, affection and a bond that holds two people together. What can be more special than the special bond of friendship that we share?

Friendship is all about understanding. It is all about forgiving. It is all about fighting and then finding it so hard to stay angry. Friends are those people, without whom life will never be the same. Friends don't break up with you for silly reasons, neither do they throw stupid tantrums. Moreover it is about loving unconditionally.

Who said Valentine's Day should only be for couples? Here's a special wish for THE special person in my life who has showered me with love, trust, admiration and never-ending support. Happy Valentine's Day my friend. I am in love with the bond of friendship that we share. Happy Valentine's Day to the dearest and nearest friend in my life!

I may not tell you everyday, but this Valentines day I want to remind you that you are still a star to me. A star, that I never ever want to lose...

P.S: This ain't attempting at buttering you 📣 .... and, I WILL find any & every reason just to reminisce our friendship! 

from your friend... 9500kms away!!

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